For gallery owners interested in selling art at auction, Woodshed Art Auctions is here to assist with the process.
In addition to offering competitive seller’s commission, we also provide:

Personalized Service

Bruce Wood brings over 45 years of art experience as an artist, art conservator and licensed auctioneer to each consignment. Bruce specializes in Impressionist, Modern, and Post-War era art, and he personally researches, photographs, and drafts the auction listing for each consignment. When you consign with Woodshed Art Auctions, you can rest assured that Bruce is putting his expertise to work for you.


We know that operating a gallery is time-consuming. Let us come to you, at your convenience, to start the consigning process. If you are located in New England or in eastern New York, Woodshed Art Auctions will come to your gallery to pick up consignments. We will work with you and guide you through the process so you can have a clear understanding of the consignment timeline and terms.

Discreet Liquidation

We know that the gallery business can be seasonal. The slower season is a great time to refresh your inventory by consigning pieces that aren’t moving with Woodshed. With our monthly art auctions, we can help you discreetly sell to the secondary market so you can invest in new pieces that will appeal to your clients. When the art-buying crowds return to your area, you will be ready to showcase new inventory for them to discover.

Minimize the Financial Impact of Your Seasonal Business

Woodshed Art Auctions is sensitive towards the seasonality of your gallery.  Partnering with Woodshed allows you to steady your cash flow by minimizing the financial strain that comes with a seasonal business. We have monthly auctions, so we are always looking for new consignments. When you choose to consign with Woodshed Art Auctions, you will receive your money in 30 days, providing you with cash to reinvest in your gallery.

Partner with Woodshed

Woodshed has adopted a new low seller’s commission structure for their partner galleries. Contact us for info.