If you are a collector looking to sell artwork, Woodshed Art Auctions can help you with the selling process.
In addition to offering competitive seller’s premium, we also provide:

Personalized Service

Bruce Wood brings over 45 years of art experience as an artist, art conservator and licensed auctioneer to each consignment. Bruce specializes in Impressionist, Modern, and Post-War Art, and he personally researches, photographs, and drafts the auction listing for each consignment. When you consign with Woodshed Art Auctions, you can rest assured that Bruce is putting his expertise to work for you too.

Remove the Hassle from Downsizing

Are you considering downsizing? Downsizing can be difficult because it forces you to evaluate your collection and identify pieces you no longer want to live with. Let Woodshed Art Auctions help by appraising your art prior to the move to see if consigning makes sense for certain pieces. We will find new homes for the artworks you’re ready to part with so you can focus on only moving your favorite pieces to your new home.

Make Room for New Art

Make room for your new artwork by consigning your unwanted pieces for competitive sale prices. We have monthly auctions, which can allow you to quickly remove unwanted artwork so you can focus on your next great piece.

Have Your Tastes Refined? Love Your Collection Again

Taste changes with time. A piece you once loved may no longer bring you the joy it once did.  You may find yourself wanting to move on from it and acquire new pieces that align with your current preferences. We will find a new home for artworks you are ready to part with so you can acquire more of what speaks to you.